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Ornamental/planter Leaf

Ornamental/planter Leaf

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The Ornamental/Planter Leaf is artistically moulded in a uniquely appealing design which is possessive of multiple interpretations. To some customers, this ceramic planter would be considered as being handcrafted in a seashell motif. To some other customers however, their interpretation of the design of this ceramic ornament would be that it is made in the nature inspired motif of a large sized closing leaf.

Featuring a perfect balance of convenience, aesthetic beauty, durability and on-trend ornamental appeal, this Ornamental/Planter Leaf is made in an indisputable visual outlook that will make a lasting impression on every guest, customer, family, colleague or friend who comes across it in the owner's house, shop, restaurant, office, or wherever else it is displayed. It can be used in displaying artificial plants while it offers more depth and decorative beauty to the appeal of such plants. It can also be used in keeping small, precious items such as jewellery, trinkets, keys, etc.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 26x10x17cm
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