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Best Grandma Ceramic Sign

Best Grandma Ceramic Sign

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When words are not enough to show how much you care. Take a break from verbosity and gift someone you love dearly a piece of your heart through a wonderful gift such as this ceramic freestanding sign that conveys all that your heart is welling up with. Make this your next gift to grandma and see her reveling not just in its beauty as a decor piece but also the thought behind the gift.

Give this ceramic freestanding sign that conveys so much love to your Grandma and feel the love surround the two of you instantly. The smooth white surface has the gorgeous lettering in golden color-subdued and subtle in its beauty, so much like your grandmother herself. She would love to display this gift to all who care for things that hold emotional value. This standing sign is like no other as it has a touch of vintage appeal in its soft lettering style and its simple but deep words that convey the pure kind of love that one shares with indulgent grandparents. Gift it on any occasion and make her feel special and loved. An easy means to express the love that you feel in your heart-after all at the age that they are in - material things rarely matter- and this sign is all that will make them feel-warm, comforted and valued.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 13x4x10cm
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