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Hanging Heart Grandma

Hanging Heart Grandma

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There is that very special person who not only deserves this glowing praise but because of whom you feel the joy of love so deep-spread this joy and make her feel the love with this gorgeous little tiny heart that says more than what your words could have said. A tiny heart that you could gift to Grandma to make her feel on top of the world.

Make a difference to the way make your emotions speak-make a gift so special that it helps reflect your true feelings If you have been blessed to have a wonderful family with a grandmother who groomed and nurtured you-you owe this gift to her. Feel the joy when she receives this lovely heart from you-it will truly cement the relationship to a new stronger bond. Gift this to her for she matters not because you ought to show you care but because this tiny heart is only a tip of the unfathomable depth of your love. This lovely ceramic heart could be placed as a tag on gift or simply as a gift itself. It could be hung from windows from the curtain or from door knobs and handles of all kinds. Each time she sees the message of love it carries it sure will make her feel rather special. A small little piece with profound depth and impact.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 8x9cm + hanger
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