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Hanging Heart Mothers Day

Hanging Heart Mothers Day

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A reminder of a sentiment that is close to your heart - a love that speaks in so many different ways and can never be tempered down with age or experience - you shall and always be the baby - the only one and speaking your heart out through this tiny little Mother's day one - is all it will take to place that smile on her face.

Gifts filled with love as much as filled with humour is hard to find and this non - mushy Mother's Day one is truly filled with both. The tiny ceramic heart is in pure white and has a touch of delicate sort of beauty. The lettering of the line really clear and readable from a distance. The print being that clear, the white of the background does hep in giving it more resonance. The wonderful message makes you feel like the little girl or boy that you always were and makes sibling rivalry come right back into the centre of things. Go back to the times when your vied for Mum's attention and make her feel that no one could love her more. After all, if there were a relationship that defies age and time, it would be this. This tag like little heart could adorn a gift or go as a gift in itself. Amidst the paraphernalia of Mother's Day, let this tiny heart speak the true language of love. The height of this little piece is 9 cm and has width of 8 cm making it decidedly a beauty in a delicate sort of way. Comes with a white ribbon that makes it hangable quite easily.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 8x9cm + hanger

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