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Hanging Heart My Nana

Hanging Heart My Nana

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Give away a little bit of your heart with the help of this tiny little ceramic heart so lovingly created fort all those special people to whom one needs to give back all the love. This heat could be a gift tag or the gift itself and it would convey in its small and precious way the words so filled with love - and the right emotions. A truly special way of conveying love to grand parents could be through this tiny little heart.

Whether you place this as a tag for larger gift or wish to use this as a little gift itself-here is one truly special ceramic heart that says the right words which would be cherished by your grandfather. Seldom do we come across gifts as dainty and pretty and just right for making some one feels the depth of what you feel in your heart. Tag a gift with it. That could be done simply by tying it to the handle. You could also use this as suspended decor filler when you are having celebration for Nana! There are several reason why this would be loved-the size-handy and pocket friendly-could be carried easily and be right next to your grandfather whenever he wishes to reach out for it. Just about cm tall and 8 cm wide it could be placed on windows, the curtains or as a decor for special occasions dedicated to Nana.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 8x9cm + hanger

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