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Hanging Heart Nana Forever

Hanging Heart Nana Forever

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The love we hold deep in our hearts for our grandparents is indeed a special one and before we know we are all grown up and ready to move on-the love however remains- and we get very few opportunities to reflect on it and express it-here is tiny little gift idea that will help you make your love for your Nan be known to him and it sure will make all the difference to this beautiful bond.

Give away a little bit of your heart with this tiny little gift to your Nana and declare how special this bond is and how much it means to you. Here is a tiny 9 cm tall ceramic heart that is not just delicate and dainty but made to have an impact. The hang able heart could be placed on curtains, or hung from door knobs - it ahs just the right kind of looks to make your cherished grand parents feel the love and make them smile through their day-the little reminder making the3m feel your love each time they look at it. This tiny ceramic heart possesses an intrinsically cottage feel charm that is very vintage in its appeal and will add this extra bit of joy and beauty to the space wherever it is placed as it has a very strong emotional bonding between the giver and the receiver of this love filled gift. Such small gifts sometimes say more profoundly what you have not been able to say with your own words.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 8x9cm + hanger

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